Friday, July 09, 2010

Pom poms!!!

The pom pom dahlia is probably one of the happiest flowers around. It just screams summer and bright, shiny times.
This variety tends to be a little smaller than the others, but that doesn't take away from the wallop they deliver- they kind of look like they fell off a gorgeous Mexican paper flower garland.
Remember, dahlia season only lasts as long as summer, so don't delay!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Black Dahlias

My personal favorite is the "black" dahlia. I'm a sucker for noir and anything vintage L.A. and these play right into it.

The Black Dahlia murder mystery was one of the most gruesome and fascinating unsolved crimes of the last century and intrigues people to this day. Countless books have speculated and theorized on the culprit and even big Hollywood has cashed in.

But back to the flowers! Black dahlias are certainly one of the most unusual flowers out there. Velvety rich petals in shades of black plum and burgundy chocolate are unbelievably sexy and eye-catching. They can go goth, traditional, glam or summery, making them very versatile.

Order today while they're still in season!