Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Events-

This weekend, The Woods were invited to design floral decor for a room at the Hotel Maya's Joie of Weddings event. They have these amazing fushia windows and touches of deep, hot pink everywhere- from vines of bougainvilla to gorgeous accent walls framing giant mirrors. Event planner, Michael Willms, from Entertainment Design Events collaborated with The Woods to find a look that would compliment the Maya's strong color theme and fit the wedding setting as well as the tones of the room representing the Hotel Angeleno.

The Woods decided to pick up on the deep, rich pink roses and bright lemon yellows of Michael Willm's linens on a backdrop of gentle pink lilies and yellow acacia using tall cherry blossom branches to add height and a flare of dramatic elegance to the centerpiece. Most brides were pleasantly surprised to learn that an arrangement of that size (approximately 4 feet high) would usually cost $500-600, but because we substituted a few of the more costly stems with larger, opened lilies that take up more real estate within the arrangement, we were able to use fewer. While the look was a stunning, grand centerpiece, the cost was closer to $350 because of the substitutions.

Because flowers allow for so much variety in substitutions, size and cost, it really is possible to create a dream wedding environment you've envisioned! Just speak with your designer about what you want, and we'll love to make it happen! To speak to a designer at The Woods, call 310.559.6711

More photos of the Joie of Weddings event to come!

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