Friday, February 12, 2010

And the Winner Is...

We were SO incredibly impressed with your Most Romantic Moments! It was hard, reading and re-reading and reminding one another of the sweet memories and efforts that you put forth for one another. How special to know that something simple can be so memorable, or that something common can be made extraordinary because of the thought behind your actions. Just remember; romance isn't about imitating a movie, it's about focusing on who you're with and what would be meaningful and special to that particular individual.
We hope you have someone special to celebrate this Valentine's Day with and remind them that they bring meaning to your life.
And now...
After much deliberation...
The winner is...

Matt and Ananda!!!
We were so touched, here at The Woods LA, that Ananda would put in so much effort and thought on a daily basis to create something new to celebrate her husband, Matt, during the entire month of February. It just goes to show you, you can create romance daily by small, thoughtful gestures that remind the love of your life why they are so special to you.
Ananda, we have to agree with Matt. You inspire us as well, and we think you deserve some flowers.
Call us at 310.559.6711 so we can arrange a delivery, courtesy of Team Matt.

After 2 years of romance my sweetheart keeps getting sweeter. My birthday, valentines day and our wedding anniversary all reside in the month of February, so my wife has dubbed February "the Month of Matt". The most romantic thing that has ever happened to me is actually happening right now.
Since the first day of February, Ananda has been leaving pictures she printed, and artistically manipulated, all over the house, one for each day of the month. Each picture has a memory of our courtship, first dates, first meetings, written on the back, as well as a piece of a larger message that i'm STILL waiting to figure out!
The fact that this romantic gesture is still going and still yet to be fully realized hopefully won't weigh against it! If anything it shows how romantic Ananda is LONG TERM and how much she deserves some flowers!

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