Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday Party.

Leave it to The Woods to transform a birthday party into a magical wonderland of brilliantly yellow forsythia, rich blue hydrangeas and crimson amaryllis. This is no basic centerpiece; The Woods LA is creating a fantasyland of bright, bold, joyful bursts of flora. I feel like Alice, transported where the forest's flowers come alive to celebrate the golden afternoon.

And to think that it all begins with a simple sketch. 
And now you see Team Jacob (as I call him) working on mossing up the base of the urns. 

A bold idea that is tradition in The Woods is creating new designs to fit every season. Our lead designer, George Woods, credits his foundation as a fashion designer for his inspiration and dedication to producing new concepts in design and colour every season, every year. In the designer's meeting, I overheard words being shouted out such as, "happy!" "vibrant!" "bouncy!" "springy!" and it made me only MORE excited when I saw the base designs forming into multitudes of bubble vases like this:
A VERY Happy Birthday, indeed.

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