Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Romance Us!

What's the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for you? 

Maybe it was the boy in 3rd grade who shared his lunch with you when you had a bad day or maybe it was the woman who got you season tickets to your favourite team or maybe it was the time you sent song lyrics as poetry every day to someone you only spent the summer with (true story). 

Send  us your most romantic story and our favourite one will have a special bouquet delivered to your sweetheart here in LA for Valentine's Day. All the best stories will be posted here throughout the month; maybe your story will inspire someone else to create some romance in their life! 

Post your story in the comment section and remember to look for it later this month! Winners for Our Favourite Romance will be chosen by this Friday at 5pm so delivery may be added by this Sunday, February 14th!


Tannerama said...

My girlfriend threw me a birthday party for my 25th because she loves me very much. It was a great party with great friends and great music. Everyone was in their finest yachting attire due to the costume theme. It was wonderful!

The moment came for my girlfriend to bring out the Carvel CookiePuss ice cream cake for me to blow out the candles. I paused and wondered aloud "Hmm. What should I wish for?" Then I got down on one knee and brought out the little box and simply said "Sarah, will you marry me?"

She almost dropped the cake. But, she said yes and we were married this last October. And I love her a little more everyday.

f*bomb. said...

Tannerama leads us out of the gates, hoisting the big guns of a wedding proposal.

My story isn't nearly so epic.

I met a boy when I was 14 and he was SO NICE. He lived on the East Coast, I was on the West, but I never forgot that summer. Months later I decided to reconnect with him by sending daily love letters in the form of song lyrics or poems. I took my favourite lyrics from The Beatles, Michael Jackson, John Donne...every day in February leading up to Valentine's Day, I sent a new "love letter."

When he finally found out all the letters had been from me, he was REALLY excited and I was thrilled he even remembered who I was. I was 14, so of course I was too embarrassed to ever talk to him again. Ah, Love!

Youngberg! said...

After 2 years of romance my sweetheart keeps getting sweeter. My birthday, valentines day and our wedding anniversary all reside in the month of February, so my wife has dubbed February "the Month of Matt". The most romantic thing that has ever happened to me is actually happening right now.
Since the first day of February, Ananda has been leaving pictures she printed, and artistically manipulated, all over the house, one for each day of the month. Each picture has a memory of our courtship, first dates, first meetings, written on the back, as well as a piece of a larger message that i'm STILL waiting to figure out!
The fact that this romantic gesture is still going and still yet to be fully realized hopefully won't weigh against it! If anything it shows how romantic Ananda is LONG TERM and how much she deserves some flowers!

Amy said...

In high school, I had this idea that it would be super romantic if a guy I liked showed up at my door with 3 red roses to tell me he liked me. I never admitted this to anyone because I thought it was cliche (let's be honest it is). My first semester of college there was a boy who liked me a lot, but I wasn't sure if I was interested. Our families lived near enough to each other, that we ended up going out a few times over Christmas break. One night, near the end of our date, as we were sitting in the tv room watching a movie, he got up and disappeared for a few minutes. When he returned, he was holding 3 red roses and said to me, "I just wanted you to know that I like you." It was so sweet, I kissed him right then and there (our first kiss). Flowers really are the way to a girl's heart...or at least mine.

katie rose said...

I one time had a guy ship himself in a box to me for Valentines. No kidding. We had dated for a little bit, but it was fizzling out when it came to Valentine's day. You can imagine my surprise when I hear the door bell ring and find a not-that-big (and I mean not what I thought could hold a grown man) box at my door stop. He popped out as I was opening it, and he had a video camera to tape my reaction. We then went out to dinner and had a great time! Might I add he also drove all the way from Las Vegas to Huntington Beach just for the occasion.

Turns out he had one of my roommates come out and help him get taped in the box right before the door bell rang.

Rhyll said...

that box did not want to stay shut.

JMB said...

So I had just gotten back from Iraq when a cousin of mine invited me up to her families lake house on Tahoe for a chill weekend of water skiing and card playing with a bunch of her friends. I grabbed a buddy of mine and we hit the road for the nine hour road trip up from Camp Pendleton and arrived at 5 in the morning, and crashed out. When I came to around noon, I walked out on the back deck of the place to check out the view of the legendary lake. Before I could even take it all in, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a pair of tanned athletic legs that just wouldn't stop. I spun around and followed them all the way up to a dark haired bikini clad vixen who was kicked back in a sun chair enjoying a book. I introduced myself and commented on the view. Somewhat embarrassed, she found her way in the house and covered up, (Not the effect I was going for).

We ended up partners in few card games that required silent signaling between partners and after staring into her captivating almond eyes (she's 1/2 Korean) for hours, I was done.

I had not shown up there looking for a wife in fact I was preparing to cut ties with California and the Marine Corps in a matter of months, but after a year of long distance dating and numerous trips to see one another... she said yes.

And we're still going strong. Proof that modesty is Sexy.