Friday, February 12, 2010

Smitten or Bitten?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, The Woods has been sharing our most romantic moments." Our Design Director, George, shares his here:

Meeting Evonne 29 years ago was (and still is) my most romantic moment.  
I went into her flower shop on 3rd and Doheny  to buy flowers for my girlfriend (who by the way, pointed out the store to me one day saying “you know, that’s a flower shop..." Girls really do throw out the hints, don’t they?) Back to E.  
I picked something out and brought it to the counter. And there she was.  Jeans, cowboy boots, wearing a man’s white, button down shirt. And that load of curly dark hair. WOW!  Behind her was a guy putting up a “Help Wanted” sign. (I later found out it was her boyfriend, an English guy that I would later refer to as “her import.”) Anyway, I said “I would like to work here” and she responded, “Oh, no, you wouldn’t.”  Surprised, I told her I was serious. Reluctantly, she agreed to take my name and phone number.  And then it happened…I looked at her hands as she quickly wrote my name and her hands were so beautiful. Nicely manicured nails painted an iridescent color, like fiery opals.  I looked up at her face and saw her with those curls dangling in her face and that was it…This was THE girl! WOW, what just happened?  
Was I smitten or bitten? I knew this woman was worth getting to know.

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