Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arrangements for Valentine's Day

It's like Christmas, but covered in flowers and a side of heart-shaped chocolates! We have more Valentine's Specials posted HERE, but this is just what I see when I walk through the design studio:
I can't believe this is my real life...If someone sent you this vase of roses and orchids wouldn't you just MELT?!?
 Hydrangeas will always have a special place in my heart. Amazingly bold colours with a gentle flower petal... I love that I know who these are for (because I helped him choose the order!) Your little girls will be delighted! At only $80 for a 6"x6" rose pave makes a fantastic gift for a daughter's first Valentine.

Congratulations again to Matt and Ananda, the winners of our Most Romantic Moment contest for a romance bouquet; their story reminds us at The Woods that small, th0ughtful gestures every day are what keeps romance alive.
And if you still don't have a Valentine, I know this nice little spot on my bedside table where they would look beautiful...

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